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The cancellation alert system is brought to you by the Telegraph Herald. As soon as a Tristate-area school, college, business, or community event is reported cancelled, delayed, or closed, a notice will be posted on this page and e-mailed or text messaged to everyone who is registered to receive alerts from that particular school, business, or event.

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Friday, September 4, 2015 » Submit your Cancellation/Delay

Dubuque Community School District
Early Dismissal
For Friday, September 4, Dubuque Community School District Public and Parochial will dismiss 2-hours early due to extreme heat. The weekly Friday 1-hour late start is still on as scheduled.

Monticello Community Schools
Early Dismissal
2 hour early dismissal for Elementary and Middle School. No MS practices. High school keeps regular dismissal time.

Western Dubuque School District
Early Dismissal
Saturday, September 5, 2015 » Submit your Cancellation/Delay
There are no cancellations reported at this time.
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