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Telegraph Herald February 2007


How do I find a Realtor?


Not all individuals practicing as specialists, salespeople, brokers, managers and appraisers of real estate are Realtors. Only those who are members of a local, state or national board or association and subscribe to its Code of Ethics are permitted to call themselves or their practices Realtor, Realtors or Realtor Associate. Agencies that are members of the Dubuque Board of Realtors, who provided this list, are listed below with the type of real estate they deal with most frequently.

Dubuque Board of Realtors: 1828 Carter Road, 556-5721.

American Realty GMAC: 2115 Kennedy Road, 556-4577. Specializes in residential sales.

Barth Realty: 928 Central Ave., 583-9107. Residential.

Bisping Realty, WHY USA: 1500 Central Ave., 556-8820. Residential and commercial.

Booth Properties: 436 Bluff St., 557-1000. Residential and commercial.

Brissey Realty: 3388 Kennedy Circle, 583-1737. All types, primarily residential.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Ltd./Dominic Goodmann: 2774 University, P.O. Box 1088, 556-3843. Residential, commercial and land.

Gary Conrad Realty: 21622 King's Row, 552-2301. Residential and commercial.

Continental Realty: 55 Bluff St., 557-1465. Residential, agricultural and commercial.

Ken Cook Realty: 1655 Asbury Road, 557-2665, All types.

Dubuque Auction & Realty Services: 17120 Middle Road, 556-7653. Residential and farm.

Dubuque Homefinders Inc.: Deedswell@aol.com, 588-0525. Residential and commercial.

Duggan/Iowa Realty & Associates: 951 Iowa St. 556-2525. All types, especially residential.

Executive Management Ltd.: 1330 Locust St., 556-1605. Property management. Residential and commercial.

Felderman Realty Inc.: 2421 University Ave., 583-5561. Residential, appraisals.

Hansel Realty: 2625 Kennedy Road, 582-3283, Residential.

Hayes Appraisal Assoc.: 962 Main St., 556-4189. Residential and Commercial.

Herrig Insurance, Real Estate: 3686 Crescent Ridge, 556-1499. All types.

Herrig Realty: 13750 Surrey Lane, 556-1421. Residential, commercial, agricultural and tax-deferred exchanges.

Icon Realtors: 1473 Central Ave., 556-0562. Residential.

Dan Jackson: 630 River Drive, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722; 309/269-5601.

Kane Appraisal & Real Estate: 14858 West Ridge Lane, 556-2068. Residential and commercial.

Kielty Management & Appraisal: 799 Main St., 582-9043. Appraisal. Residential.

Koehler Auctioneering & Real Estate: 27 E. 15th St., 585-2000.

Linda LaSoya Real Estate-Marketing: 808 Spires Drive, 557-1694. Residential.

Locators Ltd.: 2613 University Ave., Suite 1, 556-1414. All types.

Marshall Realty: 164 S. Main St., Dickeyville, Wis., 608-568-7595

Mid Continent Realty/Inv.: 2600 Dodge St., Plaza 20, 556-6333.

Midwest Realty: 2381 Carter Road, P.O. Box 237, 582-4626. Residential and commercial.

Prudential Partners Realty: 3435 Asbury Road, 583-7580. Commercial and residential.

Rally Appraisal LLC: 962 Main, 556-4189.

ReMax/Advantage Realty: 4029 Pennsylvania, 588-3078. Residential, commercial and agricultural.

River City Realty Ltd.: P.O. Box 1211, 588-1714. Residential, commercial and agricultural.

Ruhl-American Commercial Co.: 2115 Kennedy Road, Suite 2A, 583-7483. Commercial.

Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors: 4840 Asbury Road, 583-4550, All types.

Dave Sheehan Real Estate: 222 Jule Ave., East Dubuque, Ill., 542-3838 

Bob Smith Realty: 1001 Valentine Drive, 557-1615. Residential.

Jim Stock Realty: 3001 Deerwood Circle, 556-2332. Residential.

Sutton Realty: 1800 Manson Road, 556-0404.

Terra Firma Realty: 125 S. Grandview Ave., 582-3522.

Trading Places LLC: 339 First Ave. E., Dyersville, Iowa 52040, 563-875-8346. Residential, commercial, and agricultural.

Vosberg Real Estate LLC: PO Box 332, Hazel Green, Wis. 608/854-2737.

Westmark's Great River Realty: 2627 University Ave., 583-7354.

Willenbring Realty Inc.: 903 Second Avenue SE, Dyersville, Iowa, 563/744-3046.

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