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Submitted by: Debbie Antolik
Submitted by: Debbie Antolik
Squirrel with apple in mouth.
Submitted by: Debbie Antolik
Deer listening and feeding at the bird feeder in the back yard.
Submitted by: Debbie Antolik
Squirrel taking a rest before attacking the bird feeder.
Submitted by: Bill Loney
Spring has arrived, at least in North Texas.
Submitted by: Nicole Moestchen
Mail box on Ebys's Mill Road Cascade Iowa
Submitted by: Cory Huntington
A deer peeks in a window in Peosta; a cat inside the house stares back.
Submitted by: Kayla Hanten
Picture of a girl with a shovel and water flowing down a street gutter, with an Ice bridge, Nice spring pic. Possibly a picture of the day!
Submitted by: Mary Sue Freund
The parking lot at Tri State Indep Blind Society in Dubuque
Submitted by: Angella Simons
Eagle in field.
Submitted by: Angella Simons
Eagle over Mississippi
Submitted by: Jackie Young
Taken on my way to work. After another snow fall.
Submitted by: William Hinton
Mainstreet during snow
Submitted by: Sandy Luchterhand
This is a shot from Gramercy Park in East Dubuque, IL overlooking the Julien Dubuque Bridge after one of our recent snowfalls.
Submitted by: Carl & Macheal Heidesch
Dubuque Eagles win "Holy Buckets" Tournament The Dubuque Eagles defeated Holy Ghost-Immaculate Conception from Kieler/Dickeyville, WI in the championship game of the "Holy Buckets" tournament held at Wahlert Catholic High School on March 1-2, 2008
Submitted by: Justin Herrig
This is my cat she likes to sit in this Easter Basket so we dicided to take a picture of her in hopes it might end up in the paper. Im am also a Paper Carrier for the TH my name is Justin Herrig and my Route number is 600250
Submitted by: Steve Neyens
The view at breakfest afew days ago. Looking east over Lobo Lane in Dubuque.
Submitted by: Jeff Hoerner
I caught this 53lb 53in king fish off the coast of Key West Florida on the coral reef in December.
Submitted by: stefan baumann
ruby, an 11 year old miniature poodle who follows along on snowshoe treks. she goes as long as 3 hours, sometimes ending up riding in a backpack.
Submitted by: Marilyn Borgerding
Our milk hauler trying to navigate a gravel road near Holy Cross. 2008
Submitted by: Marilyn Borgerding
Cattle yard after it was emptied of snow. It had been blown completely full.
Submitted by: Jamie Demmer
The cardinals are eating good in Farley.
Submitted by: Jamie Demmer
Hanging on the edge in the backyard.
Submitted by: Mary Sue Freund
This house has the icicles hanging down the whole front on Carter Road across from the Presentation Sisters
Submitted by: Aaron Digman
Icy Steps
Submitted by: Stephanie Beck
Spring is under here somewhere
Submitted by: Stephanie Beck
Trees and shrubs from my backyard during the final snowfall for February 2008
Submitted by: Tari Beeler
Icicles shining in the sun
Submitted by: Lynn Watters
Picture of St. Catherine's Church through ice coated tree branches after ice storm taken on December 11, 2007
Submitted by: Marie Schumacher
My Apple Tree's in a Snow Storm
Submitted by: Kelly Jo Fassbinder
Always exciting to watch it snow!
Submitted by: Jackie Young
My friend Crabby Patty made this sponge- bob snow man picture taken by Jackie Young Dubuque, Iowa Feb. 26, 2008
Submitted by: Ron & Sherri Wolf
Ron & Kaci Wolf sleigh riding down Ernzen's hill Northeast of Bankston on 2/23/08. The ride on the sled was a mile at speeds up to 40 mph. They are sleigh riding on the same hill that Nicky Wolf did over 60 years ago. Nicky is Ron's Dad and Kaci's
Submitted by: Ron & Sherri Wolf
The Dubuque County snow blower blowing snow on the Bankston Park Road north of Bankston on 2/19/08.
Submitted by: Chelsy Barber
This is a picture downtown by the marina just of the sunset and snow on January 28th.
Submitted by: Jim and Kate Haas
This beautiful picture of our backyard was taken today (February 26, 2008) from our deck. Snow is beautiful...but enough already!
Submitted by: Kelly Stannard
Sunset over St. Patrick's Church near Bernard, Iowa.
Submitted by: Kelly Stannard
Sunrise on a winter morning in Jackson County
Submitted by: Tara Grace
Got snow photos? Snow storm on February 17, 2008 Traffic is backed up on Asbury Road as skiers make their way to Sundown Ski Resort in Dubuque. Some skiers decided it would be faster to walk.

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