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About NIE

Newspaper in Education is an international program in existence for more than 60 years. More than 700 newspapers have NIE programs. NIE puts newspapers in classrooms as a topical, relevant curriculum supplement. To particpate in NIE, teachers set up a classroom subscription, usually a newspaper for each student in the classroom one day a week. Teachers then use the newspapers in activities that enhance the lessons and skills they teach.

The goals of NIE are:
*To help students become informed and involved citizens who can determine and guide their own destinies in a democratic society.
*To help students develop skills of critical reading by teaching competence in newspaper reading.
*To provide educators with an economical, effective and exciting teaching vehicle for lessons in writing, history, mathematics, current events, consumer affairs, ecology and scores of other subjects and themes.
*To foster students' personal growth through the use of the newspaper to provide information, entertainment and skills necessary for modern life.

Newspapers are successful learning tools because...
*They can be used for any grade level, kindergarten through adult, and for any subject.
*They are fresh, up-to-date and practical. They help bridge the gap between the textbook and the real world.
*Newspapers provide students with many opportunities to practice what they have learned in class. Even reluctant learners will practice reading material that interests them: sports scores, movie times, comic strips.
*Newspapers provide an abundance of interesting reading material on a daily basis. Newspaper-related activities enhance mastery of basic reading, writing and thinking skills.
*Newspapers bring lessons alive. Exercises that are just "schoolwork" become exciting and fun when they require the newspaper. The lessons are more likely to be retained and are more easily seen as relevant.
*With newspapers, learning is something that occurs both in and out of school. Parents and teacher can take part in students' educational activities.
*Newspapers can stand alone as teaching tools - or they can be used as supplements to other instructional techniques.

NIE at the Telegraph Herald
The 2001-2002 school year marks the 23rd year of the NIE program at the TH.

The TH provides curriculum materials, staff to administer the program, one-half the price of the newspapers and finds Adopt-A-School sponsors to reduce or eliminate costs to teachers.

We provide free teaching materials that are full of information and newspaper activities on a variety of subjects to teachers who are participating in NIE.

Special youth content is also provided through our NIE program. The Alternative Page is published each Thursday in the TH. Much of its content is contributed by area students.

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