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Last updated on May 13, 2011 at 06:02 PM

In my flood-delayed quest to land my first fish of the season, I stopped by the (15-foot and falling) river on my way to work this morning. Normally, my fishing breaks consist of casting some snag-resistant Mister Twisters. Today, however, I also brought along a crankbait to fish an area that is less prone to hang-ups.

Within a few casts, I felt a slight but familiar tug on the line. Seconds later, I was on the board with a small largemouth bass.

Amidst my celebration, the closing line of "Finding Nemo" — when the fish make it back to the ocean but realize they're still trapped in baggies — suddenly went through my mind. "Now what?"

I looked at my catch, with two hooks embedded in its jaw, and realized I didn't have pliers. I had never thought to carry one with my tray of twister tails and lead heads, which are easy to remove.

Hmmm. A quick attempt to extract them with my fingers was aborted. I thought about looking for a tool in my car, but I was parked a couple blocks away. I figured I had to improvise. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my keys. I used the tip of one to push each hook backwards and was able to dislodge the treble almost immediately.

Whew! I tossed the bass back into the river and it swam off.

Now, when I get home, my fishy-smelling keys will remind me to put a pair of pliers with my fishing gear.

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