Preakness revisited
Last updated on May 23, 2011 at 08:56 AM

Animal Kingdom just about got the win, and I would have been wrong big time again.

I didn't believe he could win the Derby, and he did. I didn't like him in the Preakness, and he nearly did it.

And, I think he would have if he had a little luck in the middle stages of the race.

I did like Shackleford. My other picks did OK. But, not enough to get a winning ticket.

I was hoping Animal Kingdom could break the Triple Crown jinx, though. It was very tough to not bet him to win (a heart over head thought).

So, I'm oh-fer for the Triple Crown races, with one to go. Let's see if I can improve and get a winning ticket at the Belmont.


* Lots of longshots were winning Saturday afternoon at Dubuque Greyhound Park, including SE's Rido Sam paying a remarkable $164 to win. There also was a $40 place payoff of WWW Joe Biden. I love to see the longshots winning races just to hear the sound of the crowd.

* Jumpin Jive won the 38th mile Derby at Bluffs Run Saturday by two lengths.

* Hi Noon Renegade won Derby Lane's Gold Trophy Juvenile Saturday night. He also won the Sprint Classic earlier this year.

* If you have any Delta Downs tickets, the deadline to cash them is Wednesday.


* The second round of the Puppy Stakes is today at Jacksonville.


* Dubuque's twin tri is $1,058.

* Jacksonville's tri super is $22,898.

* Wheeling Island's tri super is $11,563.

* Southland's twin super is $40,917.

* Belmont's pick 6 is $43,719.

* Churchill Downs' pick 6 is $19,827.

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Bio: Gary works in the features department, and enjoys time with his family, fishing, coaching and an occasional visit to the track to watch and bet on the races.

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