Countdown to Saturday
Last updated on April 19, 2010 at 08:49 AM

When I finally had time to sit down last night after a busy weekend, I did a little checking up on the local greyhound scene.
I saw there were 57 - yes 57 - schoolers Sunday at Dubuque Greyhound Park.
At first I was kind of sad I missed that many races. Then I realized that the season opener is rushing toward us.
That got me thinking of some things that might help someone's visit to the track.
* Do some prep work. Don't wait before checking out the past performances. Start well before the first race and take your time. Make an informed decision.
* You don't HAVE to bet every race. If you can't figure it out, hold off until the next one.
* Watch the races. Is late speed winning? Early leaders holding on? Keep track.
* Watch if certain kennels or trainers are "hot" that day.
* Are dogs from inside boxes doing well? Outside? Are you aware of it? Watch and note it.
* Bring a pen and paper along. There's room in the program to write notes, but having it all in front of you is much more helpful.
* Finally, enjoy it. It's a great time to socialize, something that just doesn't happen at the slot machines too often. Laugh, cry, wonder why - but just have some fun.
This is just one person's view. There are a lot of other things out there, and you'll learn them as you go.
Remember, 1 p.m. Saturday is the season opener. Shouldn't there be a countdown clock somewhere?
* Iowa's Prairie Meadows opens its thoroughbred season Wednesday.
* Southland hosts the second round of the Spring Futurity Wednesday.
* Keeneland's Pick 6 is $54,589.
* Woodbine's Pick 6 is $10,025.

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Bio: Gary works in the features department, and enjoys time with his family, fishing, coaching and an occasional visit to the track to watch and bet on the races.

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