Somewhere an Aussie's saying: "Where's Dubuque?"
Last updated on September 17, 2010 at 08:09 AM

I woke up a half hour earlier than usual today so I could listen to a live rugby league match on Internet radio.
That's typical for me.
Today's news is that I e-mailed the commentators and they read my message -- and pronounced "Dubuque" correctly -- just before the start of the second half.
The Continuous Call Team commentators on Sydney radio station 2GB routinely read e-mails from far-flung fans, mostly homesick Australians, during breaks in the action.
Today, the Wests Tigers defeated the Canberra Raiders, 26-24, to move within a victory of rugby league's Grand Final (their version of the Super Bowl).
After hearing messages from Tigers and Raiders fans from China, California, the Czech Republic and elsewhere, I decided to give it a go -- me being a Wests Tigers fan in Dubuque. I e-mailed the commentators minutes before halftime.
My daughter Kerstin and I were sitting at the breakfast table when we heard over the laptop's speakers:
"Erik writes from Dubuque, Iowa, USA saying 'Come on Tigers.' Good on ya, Erik."
I raised my arms in triumph (and quite possibly "whooped"). Kerstin said:
"Great, every teenager's dream. My dad is now officially an international dork."
Do ya reckon? I just don't see it that way, mate. I got Dubuque mentioned on Aussie radio!

Erik Hogstrom
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Bio: Erik is in his 11th year at the Telegraph Herald, covering health care, human services, weather, technology and other topics.

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