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Submitted by: Tom Morgan
Female Cardinal in a dogwood bush in my yard. Rural Cuba City
Submitted by: Tom Morgan
Slate Colored Juncos or commonly referred to as "snow birds" usually show up after the first snowfall. Rural Cuba City, WI
Submitted by: Tom Morgan
Four rooster pheasants under my bird feeders after a recent snowfall. Rural Cuba City.
Submitted by:   Beverly Fox of California
I could'nt resist, I live in Fillmore, CA my famly lives in Dubuque, I had to share our view Fillmore is close to Ventura/Santa Barbara (Pacific Ocean) We get so excited when we see snow, they just laugh at us, I'd love to be
Submitted by: Rose Meisch
Our 21 month old granddaughter, Anna, met baby goats for the first time. After watching the older girls freely letting the babies suck on their fingers, we noticed that Anna was doing the same!!!
Submitted by: Rose Meisch
Feb 5th snow storm in Dyersville. Our backyard!
Submitted by: DEBI KLAUER
old man winter
Submitted by: Sharon Kluesner
This is a picture of my 13 year old son, Robby Jones, walking down Nowata Street to play hockey in the ice rink at Allison Henderson. This was taken after the snow this past weekend.
Submitted by: Aaron Lee Digman
A wintry day at Mt. Carmel......
Submitted by: Nicole Koppes
Fun in the snow, my father made this for my mom after the snowfall on Monday. He even highlighted it with paint. How sweet love is.
Submitted by: Dave Klas
Frost and fog on a winter morning.
Submitted by: Karen Kaczmarek
Checking it all out
Submitted by: Karen Kaczmarek
The beauty of ice!
Submitted by: Josh Colyer
Title: "Freeze Dried" This picture was taken after that first nasty Iowa ice storm this December. I am submitting this picture for the Telegraph Daily Photo feature. Thanks! Sincerely, Josh Colyer
Submitted by: SHARON HAGERTY
Our Granddaughter looking at our horses
Submitted by: Karlyn Van Gelder
A walk through through a woods of white pines.
Submitted by: Karen Steil
Ice cycles hanging in front of a window on Crescent Ridge in Dubuque.
Submitted by: Katie Skorupski
Cedarwax Wing enjoying crapples after the snow.
Submitted by: Sara Fagan
View from our kitchen window after Sunday (12-23-07) snowstorm.
Submitted by: John Woodin
Washington Park after a snowfall
Submitted by: Erik Steffenson
A bright morning on Fenelon Place. Wednesday December 12th. My dad has sent in good pics before so I thought I'd see how you liked this one from the other day. The entire town was thick with ice that morning. The view was the only good thing to
Submitted by: Joe Gross
A female Cardinal on the lookout in a Lilac bush.
Submitted by: Ernie Goebel
View from a chapel window at the New Mellarey Monastery
Submitted by: Ernie Goebel
Winter scene at the New Melleray Monastery south of Dubuque.
Submitted by: John Lux of Cascade, Iowa
Determination at the Peanut Feeder!
Submitted by: John Lux
Red-Breasted Nuthatch at peanut feeder.
Submitted by: Tom F Greenawalt
A picture of a very hungry squirrel taken from the kitchen window.
Submitted by: chuck ernst - rural bernard area
I took this picture this morning dec 12 when the sun came out.
Submitted by: Bob Howard
Happened to notice a beautiful cloud formation on a late Novemer day.
Submitted by: Charles Olson
Squirrel preparing for winter.
Submitted by: Randy Hoeger
Photo of cat with two snowmen all looking in the same direction.
Submitted by: Barbara Hanten
Sunset taken from Deck on St. Celia Street on November 27, 2007.
Submitted by: carleen schroeder
A black and white kitty with gold tinsel wrapped around him.
Submitted by: Logan & Jase Runde
Puppy Brothers
Submitted by: Dick Hamil - Hanover, IL
A brown recluse spider?
Submitted by: Dick Hamil - Hanover, IL
A yellow garden spider waiting for a meal
Submitted by: Dick Hamil - Hanover, IL
Mama wolf spider with babies onboard
Submitted by: Dennis Fry
This Red Tailed Hawk was sitting on our deck railing a couple of weeks ago.
Submitted by: Scott Schramm
Pumpkins at a farm outside Dubuque

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