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Submitted by: LauraTDettman
Cousins from IL, MT, and NC come together at Eagle Point Park with friend John Runde from Dubuque for the Koenig Family Reunion, June 30, 2007.
Submitted by: LauraTDettman
Cousins Emily Theisen (4), Morgan Seybold (7) both of Omaha, NE, and Nicholas Dettman (25) of Monroe, NC on the Fenelon Place Elevator 07-01-07. In Dubuque for the Koenig Family Reunion.
Submitted by: LauraTDettman
Zach Watson & Andrew Kritikos (both of Lincoln, Ne) at Eagle Point Park June 30, 2007 for the Koenig family reunion.
Submitted by: LauraTDettman
Owen Schumacher (2) of Darian, ILL at Eagle Point Park - the best park in the U.S. - on June 30, 2007 for the Koenig family reunion.
Submitted by: Brian T. Somerville
A pelican and a flamingo have a standoff at Henery Villas Zoo, in Madison, Wisconsin.
Submitted by: Brian T. Somerville
Photo of a heron perched on the rocks at Miller River View Park.
Submitted by: Brian T. Somerville
A-10 Warthog as it flies by Miller River View Park, at the Fourt of July Airshow.
Submitted by: Vickie Owens
The very first tractor made by John Deere
Submitted by: Georgia Goebel
My grandaughter Clara in Seattle
Submitted by: Georgia Goebel
A spider on a tiger lily. Taken in Seattle while visiting
Submitted by: Dan Kurt
Saturday, June 30, 2007, the Kurt Family of Bellevue, IA met for their annual family reunion on the farm of Lois Kramer. Kurts came from Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee and California. This photo is of the oldest and youngest Kurt. Msgr. Edgar Kur
Submitted by: Tim
A-10 Warthog taking off from the airport heading for the airshow.
Submitted by: Sarah Aldeman
Cactus found at the Dubuque Arboretum
Submitted by: Tricia Folmer
Sunset at Jones County Central Park
Submitted by: Ivy Pape
Back yard Lemon Lillies
Submitted by: Ted Kueper, 415 Cymric Ct. Wales, WI
200 year Wedding Anniversary for T. Kueper Wedding promises are taken seriously with this family! T. Kueper is a composite of Tom, Ted, Terry, Tim and Toby Kueper originally from Dubuque, IA. Their only wives in the same order are Carole, Mary, Mary
Submitted by: mark chapman
Pond flower
Submitted by: Amy M. Wagner
In May, while out fishing, I snapped this photo of three kayakers heading north through Sunfish.
Submitted by: Riley Barnes
Finley's Landing -Somebody's concern for the environment.
Submitted by: Jack Champion
Here is a picture of a Hummerbird Moth, which was caught at dusk in our flower box outside our house.
Submitted by: Pat Mitchley
Morning sun coming up behind the trees.
Submitted by: Pat Mitchley
Morning sunrise
Submitted by: Emily Szeszycki
Radio Dubuque's Tim Lary and Mike Kettering following Tim's free throw fundraiser to support Eastern Iowa tornado victims Monday, June 11 at Prescott School.
Submitted by: Lisa Mann
Waterfall at Dubuque Arboretum
Submitted by: Samantha Dement-Graham
Hot-air balloons at the America's River Festival on June 8, 2007.
Submitted by: Joyce Moore
White Tail fawn laying amongst the hostas in East Dubuque.
Submitted by: Karen Boerboom
Deer about 10 feet behind the house, out the back window in the woods, 6 miles south of Platteville, 14 miles NE of Dubuque, IA.
Submitted by: Ivy Pape
"About Town" photos Earl & Pearl Cacti P.S. Below this box you are ending a sentence in a preposition.
Submitted by: Kevin Cronin
Two fawns decide to nap after being foiled by "deer wrap" on the tree.
Submitted by: Stacey Riccio
Double rainbow captured over Central Ave in Dubuque.
Submitted by: Shirley Behnke
Downy Woodpecker in flight
Submitted by: Patrick Ringelstetter
Cicadas: They're Here!!
Submitted by: Paul Manternach
Bird in flight on a sky blue spring day.
Submitted by: Kay Averkamp
Picture of a coy fish in my nephew's pond in Durham, NC, on a sunny day. Taken May 7, 2007.
Submitted by: Patrick Valant
Shot at Peosta, Iowa on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 by Patrick Valant of Dyersville, Iowa. Sun ring with jet contrail piercing the outer ring and center.
Submitted by: Jackie Welter
Yellow pansy flowers
Submitted by: Jackie Welter
Pansy flowers
Submitted by: Mary J. Herburger
Photo of Morel Mushrooms .
Submitted by: dbdolphin
The car is nearly done in this picture. Nearly 1 year to the day we brought it home from the factory, in pieces.
Submitted by: dbdolphin
That is one short driveshaft!

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